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This project is quite real, in the sense that Gould Hall is an existing part of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Washington, and in the sense that the College is actively pursuing space alternatives within the building. The funding model developed in the scenario here is fictitious, but intended to be plausible. The student work relies heavily based on (1) The existing physical form of Gould Hall, and (2) the strong perception by the various departments of the College that additional space is needed for them to carry out their educational, research, and service missions, and (3) personal experience of the existing building.

  • Drawings We all have regular, if not daily, experience of Gould Hall. Still, accurate drawings and photographs are desirable. While the full construction drawing set is available in the library, we took advantage of a set of Autocad DXF files produced by the University's facilities management office. This set of base data also included a form-Z site model done for Dave Miller's 1994 Gould studio project.

  • Analysis A group of students performed a survey in which they attempted to identify as many buildable areas within the building as possible. They were aided in this effort by consultants hired by the College who were performing a similar analysis.

  • A space Wish List was developed by performing a quick analysis of returns from a survey conducted in the College last year. This survey sought to identify the various perceived needs for space within the Departments, whether for faculty offices, classrooms, research, or storage, etc. Students were not bound to satisfy this list, but it was offered as a backdrop against which to develop their personal schemes.

  • Finally, on the digital production side of the process, and in addition to the software tools provided to the students at the start of the quarter, a selection of Web Tools is being provided as an additional resource.