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March 6, 2002
March 15, 2002


Student Projects

  • Media Studies (aka Workstation Remodel) (Weeks 1 + 2)
    The quarter started with an exploration of design and presentation media, using them to document an existing condition (the student workspace) as well as a proposed alternative (a remodel). Many different media, both physical and digital, were used and compared.

  • Gould Sketches(Weeks 3 + 4)
    These two weeks were spent reading, reflecting, and exploring possibilities for adding space in Gould. Subgroups of students developed the 3D model, programmatic "wish list", and "Site Analysis" materials now housed in the Resources folder. At the end the students were asked to propose two alternative strategies for additions to Gould Hall. One proposal is for a small intervention and the other for a larger addition or intervention (the ambiguity of 'size' terms is left open to interpretation.) These were reviewed as physical or digital material. The two schemes were then made available on the web.

  • Gould Design(Weeks 5 to 7)
    Students are continuing the development of their two alternatives, with particular attention to a "critical detail" -- an important condition which helps define the design, often related to the juxtaposition of the new construction with the old. This work will culminate in the Midterm Reviews.

  • Gould Design(Weeks 8 + 9)
    Based on feedback in the Midterm reviews and insights of their own, students have selected one of their schemes to develop further during these two weeks. On March 6, they will present that design both in-person (in Gould 208J at 2:00) and on the web in the Final Reviews area. Feedback is welcome!

  • Collaborative Design(Weeks 9 + 10)
    In a dip into the future, students will explore some of what their designs might include by way of web-based collaborative work in a collaboration with students in Taiwan. This work is a prelude to a larger collaboration project being planned for next quarter.