Physical|Cyber ... Phyber

"High Phyber Architecture"?

The name for this studio is a bit of a pun on the dietary importance of "high fiber" foods in ones diet, as well as a pun and inversion of another term Cybrid which describes a hybrid digital|physical space.

Like the Cybrid studio project last year, this studio is concerned with the differences between physical and digital and the opportunities and limitations of each with regard to human activity. Unlike last year, where students explored a unified digital & physical 'space' (a cybrid), students this quarter are exploring the more direct and 'mundane' impact of digital technology on aspects of architecture as a profession: buildings and professional practice.

This quarter students are wrestling with the College of Architecture and Urban Planning's desire to find or develop additional space in Gould Hall. In parallel to this fairly traditional task, they are considering the shifting character of space needs in the digital communications era, and the renewed emphasis on research within the professional degree programs represented by the College.

They are also examining the variation in character, pace, control, and communication of digital and physical presentations, seeking for refined control of both.