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Project 2:
Contemplation Space

Duration: Two Weeks

An interfaith group of peace activists has chosen to respond to the current "War on Terrorism" by creating a center for cross-cultural understanding. They plan, through study grants, to attract scholars, artists and thinkers from all parts of the world to study and work together in an atmosphere of community to find non-violent ways of defusing political and economic tensions in the world. Various parcels of land have been proposed for the center, including the WTC site in New York, and Discovery Park in Seattle. Plans for the complete center will take some time to evolve, but the group feels it is imperative to begin. The first stage of the project is creation of a significant "contemplation and meeting space" where individuals and groups can distance themselves from the demands of the real world in order to clear their minds and focus their attention, and where the community of scholars can assemble to discuss, dine, or present their work.

They have hired you to carry out the initial design. This project may be the only substantial structure on the site for several years, so it is important that it appear as a completed project. At the same time, as a commitment to worldwide cultural continuity and in recognition of the plight of the third world, they wish the project to be sensitive to their future plans for a study center on the grounds, where scholars and artists would live and work in a community, apart from but connected to the real world. The first directive in this regard is to incorporate into the planning an existing memorial already on the site.

Programmatic Requirements:
  • Space for 10-20 individuals to use for contemplation, study, eat, etc. should handle 50-200 for public meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Support spaces: Restroom facilities, small kitchen, small library
  • Parking.
  • Storage for furniture not in active use, files, etc.

Presentation requirements:
  • Site plan, arrangement plan(s), elevations, section(s), wall section. Perspectives. plus
  • Plans & perspectives showing two possible expansion scenarios.