The online archive of University of Washington Department of Architecture Digital Design Studios.

The Winter Quarter 2008 Studio, Nicole Huber (with help from Dan Belcher) led a studio working on revitalization of South Downtown Seattle (SODO) Look for the cow!

The Autumn Quarter 2002 studio, under the direction of Brian Johnson is contemplating Architecture and Memory: Monuments and Mutability. Come on in and say hi!

Explore High Phyber Architecture along with the Winter Quarter 2002 studio, under the direction of Brian Johnson. It's an investigation into the implications that cyberspace has for physical architecture in the academy.

The Autumn Quarter 2001 studio will be led by Ellen Do, to explore the creative powers of computing technologies in the architectural design of buildings and artifacts for People, Places and Play, on the 5th Avenue area in North Seattle.

During Spring Quarter 2001, Mark Gross led an investigation into techTronics, studying the implications of ubiquitous computing in architecture.

In Winter Quarter 2001, under Brian Johnson, the students explored the concept of a Cybrid Internet Cafe, a hybrid of physical and cyber space.

The Autumn Quarter 2000 Studio, under Ellen Do, the studio examined alternative strategies for development of the Northgate area of Seattle.

The Spring Quarter 2000 Studio, Ellen Do led a studio working on revitalization of Downtown Seattle open space and multi-functional, mixed-use buildings.